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glenn pothier  

Glenn Pothier

For over two decades, Glenn has been helping clients to thrive and function effectively in complex environments. He works with organizations from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to develop innovative communication, nurture ideas, and reposition themselves (and/or their initiatives) to meet the challenges of a changing marketplace or operating context. Simply put, Glenn assists organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Through the application of creative and productive thinking principles, Glenn's strength lies in helping organization's see the line that can take them from: questions to answers, problems to solutions, uncertainty to clarity, intention to action, and opportunity to success.

Glenn is an accredited member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (and a past president of that organization) and a member of the Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America. He is also a professional member of both the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, and its Qualitative Research Division. Glenn is a frequent speaker at conferences and community events. He is also a Canadian Public Relations Society and International Association of Business Communicators national award winner — though his greatest reward is found in the success of his clients.