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Founding Partners:
Tim Hurson
Kristen Peterson
North America:
Daniel Bigonesse
Bill Brooks
Susan Brooks
Alison Cohen
Paul Groncki
Marc Hurwitz
Franca Leeson
Liz Monroe-Cook
Glenn Pothier
John Sedgwick
Cliff Smith
Janeen Whalen
South America:
Leonardo Muñoz
Maggie Dugan
Tim Dunne
Pablo Munoz
Sjra Puts
Rob Devine
JC Park
Ken Wall
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kristen peterson  

Kristen Peterson

Kristen is a creativity and innovation facilitator, trainer, coach and catalyst.

She works with major corporations in North America providing Productive Thinking workshops, training and facilitation to help companies create and develop new products, new processes and new strategies. She believes organizations and individuals must transform to confront the economic and lifestyle challenges of the 21st century. They must think differently — more creatively, more productively, more proactively.

Kristen's extensive background in the financial services sector has provided her with ample opportunity to manage monetary capital. Today, Kristen is managing intellectual capital at thinkx. After 16 years of achieving financial results, Kristen has turned her expertise toward helping people with their intellectual bottom line.

She is on the Board of Trustees for Facilitators Without Borders, a founder of Mindcamp, a faculty member of the Creative Problem Solving Institute and a sessional faculty member for the Ontario College of Art & Design. She is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and FourSight.