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jc park  

Jae Chan Park

Before joining thinkx, Jae Chan served as a management executive in the marketing and sales of cars of Daewoo, GM, and Mercedes Benz in USA, Europe, and Korea. He has worked in executive positions in major industries such as trading, plant facilities projects, material handling and construction equipment, and automobiles, mostly in sales and marketing functions.

Born in Korea, Jae Chan has been immersed in global and multi-cultural environments throughout his career, having lived and worked in Seoul, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Lubin (Poland), Amsterdam, and Brussels. He speaks Korean and English fluently, reads Chinese, and can get by (with a few amusing glitches) in German, French, and Japanese. His wide experience in international transactions includes export market activities, new product development and launch, setting up and managing foreign subsidiaries, and various joint ventures and technical, business-collaboration arrangements in major global marketplaces.

After many years of bringing different interests together for decision-making and problem-solving, Jae Chan now strongly advocates a disciplined approach to innovation and creative problem solving. He believes that the Productive Thinking Process is an effective, comprehensive framework to bring about creative and innovative solutions, and wishes to promote it to organizations and people throughout the region of Asia, including Korea.

With Masters' degrees in business management (MBA) and law (MSL) after his major in international relations, he is currently giving lectures, speeches, and presentations on Productive Thinking for a number of colleges and corporate sessions in Korea. Jae Chan rejoices in his wife and two kids (grown-up at last!), and also two all-too-human Shitsu dogs.