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pablo munoz  

Pablo Munoz

For the past six years, alongside his work as a consultant, Pablo has been passionately involved in academia, firstly as an undergradate lecturer in Strategic Management and Marketing, secondly as Postgraduate Director of the School of Communications and lecturer in Creativity and Innovation Management of UDD Business School in Chile — and, since 2009, as a postgraduate student again. All these years have allowed him to develop strong skills in academic research and development, especially postgraduate programs and training courses, which include the very first Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Creativity in Chile, based on Creative Problem Solving (CPS) principles.

An enthusiastic supporter of the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), Pablo began to get involved with CPS and Productive Thinking in 2008. Since then he has provided creativity training to companies, councils and consulting firms.

Before being lecturer, researcher and consultant in creativity he worked four years developing and implementing continuous improvement processes for manufacturing companies. Chilean by birth, he now lives in England's North-East, a region that has started to transform his US English accent into a strange Geordie-inflected mix.

Pablo holds an MBA from IEDE Business School and a MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship from Newcastle University. He is currently working towards a PhD in Management at the Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise of Newcastle University Business School. Settled in Newcastle for at least the next three years, he has begun working on the emerging phenomenon of creativity parks: open business centres which seem to be the natural evolution of science & technology parks. If all goes as he thinks it will, an entire new world will emerge for creativity professionals in the upcoming years.