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Founding Partners:
Tim Hurson
Kristen Peterson
North America:
Daniel Bigonesse
Bill Brooks
Susan Brooks
Alison Cohen
Paul Groncki
Marc Hurwitz
Franca Leeson
Liz Monroe-Cook
Glenn Pothier
John Sedgwick
Cliff Smith
Janeen Whalen
South America:
Leonardo Muñoz
Maggie Dugan
Tim Dunne
Pablo Munoz
Sjra Puts
Rob Devine
JC Park
Ken Wall
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franca leeson  

Franca Leeson

Franca has been helping organizations and individuals generate and communicate new ideas for more than two decades as a writer, designer, facilitator, and trainer. She has a particular talent for synthesizing and presenting complex information. She has presented creativity programs at Mindcamp in Toronto, Canada annually since 2003, and at the conference of the Creativity European Association in Italy annually since 2005. She also presented at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007.

Her particular interest is in helping people and groups enrich their professional and personal lives by developing awareness, courage, and curiosity using a wide range of techniques and disciplines. She studies and teaches Buddhist meditation, plays the cello, and created this website.