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rob devine  

Rob Devine

Rob is a motivating, creative and most energetic facilitator who has worked extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region over the past 13 years.

His 15 years' experience with the pharmaceutical industry has covered research and development, product communications, and sales and marketing. In each of these functional areas Rob has worked as an educator, working with industry professionals at all levels, government officials and policy makers, as well as health care workers across the region.

Towards the end of his career in the pharmaceutical field Rob's primary role was in learning and development activities, organisational change and business innovation.

Rob holds a degree in Biology (major in Psychology and Behavioural Studies) and a postgraduate diploma in International Marketing. He also holds a diploma in Adult Education and Professional Development awarded by the University of Cambridge (UK).

In Rob's role as a principal facilitator with The Thinking Network™ Rob runs a comprehensive range of workshops, conference sessions, consulting and coaching assignments. He is much sought after in this role as an excellent facilitator and a most perceptive consultant and speaker. He has presented at creativity conferences, workshops and meetings around the World. He is also a Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI™) Master Practitioner.

Rob is also a director of Formative Pte Ltd, an organisation focusing on leadership development and team building through involving industry leaders in community service ventures working alongside aid providers in the field — an extremely practical and down-to-Earth approach to developing leadership skills and at the same time providing huge benefits to the society they serve.

When not involved in organisation learning and development, Rob can be found on the rugby field! As an International Rugby Board (iRB) Level 2 certified coach, he is actively involved in coaching rugby to the youth of Singapore.